Soul Models touch the hearts, minds and souls of everyone they meet. They are the role models of today, transforming challenge into positive change that helps others. Everyone can be a Soul Model – including you!
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It's Not What Happens, It's How You Heal With It!

Soul Models: Inspiring Stories of Courage and Compassion is a collection of stories proving that when we use our challenges to fuel actions that make a difference for others, we feel valued, discover our purpose, and live happier, healthier lives.

Soul Models shares the extraordinary journeys of ordinary individuals who have witnessed or overcome incredible hardships like loss, depression, illness, abuse, bankruptcy and everything in-between. Instead of giving up, they “stepped up,” using courage and compassion to take charge of their lives and fate. They founded non-profits, wrote bestselling books or simply helped everyone in their path. None of them started out with many more advantages than you – in fact, many had much less. Their stories prove that compassion is the key to overcoming challenge. In Soul Models, they have come together to offer advice and “Soulutions” that can empower you with all you need to live a more fulfilling, happier life.

Join us in discovering your path to purpose as we bring you inspiring stories and “Soulutions” to transform your world – beginning today.

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." – Anais Nin

The Holocaust: From Human Being to Human Bridge

It’s Holocaust Remembrance Day – how lucky are we to have survivors like Dr. Edith Eva Eger to remind us how fortunate we are to live in a free country?  I wish I could say free of anger, hate and prejudice; I wish I could say free from pain and judgment – but I cannot. What I can say is this:  people hurt other people because they are in pain … [Read More...]

Have you heard Mary Lambert’s “Body Love?”

If you watch one video today... … [Read More...]

#SoulModel Caitlin Boyle’s Operation Beautiful Movement

Caitlin Boyle helps others battle their own negative self-talk  with simple, yet viral Post-It Note movement! Caitlin’s Soulution:   “Everything you already need is already inside of you!  Never be afraid or ashamed to reach out to someone for help, and keep reaching out until you get the help you need.”     … [Read More...]

What Does Kindness Mean to You?

#SoulModel Marcus Mitchell (@GuyNSinCity) is asking for video submissions to share what kindness means to you.  You could win a $1,000 cruise gift card and you will inspire others with your video! So what does kindness mean to you? … [Read More...]

How one short, but powerful sentence can profoundly impact a person’s life, even offering a key to survival, sometimes in the most life threatening situations.

  I was blessed to spend this past Saturday afternoon helping Holocaust survivor Edith Eva Eger preparing for her April 12th TED talk.  The theme is “Impact” – Edie has had such an amazing one on humanity, which never would have happened without the one her mother had on her.   Edie’s speech will be titled “What My Mama Told … [Read More...]


After reading a book called "I Want to Die: 100 Reasons You Shouldn't," my talented friend Marjorie Clayman recently wrote a blog post called "My 100 Reasons to Live" and asked other to share their won 100 reasons.  I procrastinated a bit, got busy, forgot and I am just now getting to it.   My daughter's smile. Hiking. My dog giving … [Read More...]

Daily Inspiration

We share inspirational quotes on our social media accounts each day.  Each quote has touched me in some way. Whether it reminded me of a tough time or of one of the amazing Soul Models we interviewed for this book. Here are a few of my favorites in case you missed them. I hope you enjoyed them and don't forget to follow us on … [Read More...]

Soul Models Through the Years #TBT

The Soul Models featured in our book have been showing others their compassion for years and in some cases decades.  In honor of Throwback Thursday, I am sharing some of their older stories that you may not find on your own. Guiding Eyes for the Blind is featured in Soul Models through the work of Eli Manning. You have likely heard the recent … [Read More...]

Playing for Change

Have you ever had one of those days when you get lost in YouTube? Whether it is TED talks, music videos from your younger years, funny animal videos or something else random the time always flies.  During one of my "YouTube wormholes" I found the most amazing videos on the Playing for Change channel. Playing for Change is a movement created to … [Read More...]

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Today starts International Random Acts of Kindness Week.  Although acts of kindness should not be limited to one week a year, this week The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation asks that you step out of your normal routine, push your own comfort boundaries and complete one new random act of kindness each day. Sounds simple, right? It doesn't have … [Read More...]

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