Soul Models are people who touch the hearts, minds and souls of everyone they touch.  They are the role models of today, proving that every act of kindness, big and small, can change the world.  Everyone is a Soul Model – including you.  

We’ve written this book because we are on a mission – a mission to sell you on something you already have that will transform your life like nothing else: it’s called compassion.  I know what some of you are thinking…..”here we go, someone telling me I have to GIVE more and I don’t even have a minute for myself and/or I have nothing really to share………or maybe no desire to do so?

OK: That is nothing but “Grade A Baloney.” Compassion takes a MILLION forms (including being kinder to yourself) and it is a beautifully and incredibly selfish way to live because it benefits you.  Living a kinder life will open your life up to opportunities you never dreamed imaginable.    Whether it’s being a good listener, holding a door open, smiling at a stranger or diving into a cause, it doesn’t really matter.  Being a Soul Model begins by opening your heart.

Can you bake brownies from a mix?  Bring some to a friend or neighbor for no reason. Good at coloring hair?  Do it for someone who doesn’t have the money to get it done.  Like to plan parties?   Throw one at a senior center.  Disheartened at the state of the world?  JOIN A CAUSE.  Here’s the point – we all come into this world with a multitude of gifts, you included.  Begin looking for yours in the things you love to do best, even if that is singing in the shower.  Share that gift with others and the world changes for the better – that is being a Soul Model.

Eve Branson (Sir Richard’s Mum) said it best, and it’s one of our favorite Soulutions:  “Once you discover that giving is a selfish passport to life, why not be selfish?”