What is a SoulutionTM ?  Whether it’s smiling more, helping a friend or being an advocate, every kindness, big or small is a SoulutionTM.It is an action or message that may have helped you and can help someone else.  It is advice, a quote, or something you learned that either got you through something difficult or made someone else feel better.

“Always ask this question:  What am I here to learn, what is the purpose in this experience? Nurture yourself by practicing self-love and self-compassion.  Find daily methods and practices that help you “welcome” your feelings. ” – Marci Shimoff

If the things that you do, no matter how big or small, make the world a better place, that’s enough. Like someone that works in a convenience store, just being nice to the customers when they come in – that’s purpose!” – Temple Grandin

“Never take no for an answer if you really believe you are right about an issue.  Passion is critical if you want to succeed and right a wrong.  Courage is just as important – it takes courage to challenge the status quo and it takes courage to overcome whatever obstacles are thrown your way. There are many examples of one person making a difference – you could be that one person, whether it is in the halls of Congress, your community or within your family. ”  – Candace Lightner