Methods to stop smoking

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Why is smoking evil?

  1. About one kilogram of toxic resins settles in the lungs in a year, their volume and elasticity decreases, the risk of cancer increases many times.
  2. Nicotine is a poison that paralyzes the eyelashes of the bronchial epithelium, irritates and promotes inflammation of the mucous airways, stomach and esophagus.
  3. The blood composition gets worse, and the white bodies become smaller, so the immunity drops.
  4. A person who smokes a cigarette, causes harm to others. Passive smokers sometimes suffer more because they do not inhale cigarette smoke through the filter.
  5. Everyone who smokes has to be a hostage of this need. Spend time on the process itself, money on tobacco, find a place, sometimes hide and lie to their relatives.

Having realized these problems, many people decide to leave a bad habit. Everyone is looking for their own, the right and effective way to quit smoking, acting in a way that never comes back to this issue in life. In this article we will talk about what are the methods of quitting cigarettes, how effective each of them is and how to find the one that actually helps.

Why is it difficult to quit smoking?

What is called withdrawal in the treatment of drug addiction is also present in smokers, however, to a weaker extent. It is a nicotine withdrawal, a state of uncontrollable craving, desire to smoke. Without a cigarette, you will feel worse and get irritation, weakness, decreased attention. Therefore, the most important obstacle to rejection is the lack of willpower. People, who can force themselves, quit smoking. The rest of them end up with breakdowns, self digging and depression. Therefore, the average person who wants to quit smoking needs methods and tools that will ease the state of psychological dependency and gradually reduce it to zero.

Medical methods

  1. The assistance of a certified narcologist. Those who prefer traditional medicine and really trust doctors, theoretically, can go to the clinic, where they will be advised on the best regime, prescribe sedatives and stress pills. However, this method is often useless, because the pills can not suppress the desire to smoke, and they do not add willpower.
  2. Nicotine patches. They provide small doses of the right substance to the cells. It is believed that they are needed by those who find it difficult to endure the period of poison elimination from the body. The definite disadvantage of this method is that it solves only the problem of dependence, but can not get rid of it. Having got rid of a cigarette, we will have to get rid of the patch.
  3. Smoke-free sprays. A modern development that contains the addictive substance in a lower dose than a cigarette. The effect is there, but the harm from toxins and poisons is also present. In addition, this does not solve the problem of addiction: a person now needs to get used to sprays, and it is not easy to do this.
  4. Nicotine gum. Just like patch, it contains a small dose of substance, reducing the craving for a cigarette, as for the source of nicotine. Another disadvantage is its disgusting taste, because of which this drug is often abandoned and, without overdoing it, go back to smoking.

How to quit smoking on your own? The statement that to quit smoking on your own, without the help of specialists, is not effective is wrong. If a person is determined, he has a special strength of spirit, he will certainly be able to quit smoking, in favor of health, this is what real men do. In addition, you can use special medicines from this site