Random Acts of Kindness Week

Today starts International Random Acts of Kindness Week.  Although acts of kindness should not be limited to one week a year, this week The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation asks that you step out of your normal routine, push your own comfort boundaries and complete one new random act of kindness each day.

Sounds simple, right? It doesn’t have to be big acts, although those would be great too.  Sometimes it is the smallest things that make a difference.  Here is a small list of ideas to get you started.

  1. Call a friend and tell him/her how much they mean to you.
  2. Pay for the person’s coffee/lunch behind you.
  3. Hold the door (I know simple, but you notice when someone does it for you.  Return the favor.)
  4. Go sit with an elderly neighbor and listen to his/her stories.  (I have done this for years and have learned so much about our history and life.)
  5. Many are buried in snow right now. Help someone shovel their drive/walkway.
  6. Leave a compliment on an anonymous note.  (Our Soul Model Caitlin Boyle started Operation Beautiful to encourage others to do just this.  Visit her page and remember to tag your Post-It with
  7. Surprise someone with flowers.  Everyone loves to receive flowers.
  8. Can’t think of anyone to buy flowers for? Valentine’s Day is Friday. Call a florist and pay for someone else’s order to Pay It Forward twice!
  9. Animal shelters are often in need of old towels and blankets.  Donate some to a shelter near you.
  10. Don’t forget yourself.  Kindness to yourself is important too.  Do something you love!

Don’t forget to post your acts on social media to encourage others too! Use the tags #ROAK and #ROAKivist to follow the Random Acts of Kindness Week events.