After reading a book called “I Want to Die: 100 Reasons You Shouldn’t,” my talented friend Marjorie Clayman recently wrote a blog post called “My 100 Reasons to Live” and asked other to share their won 100 reasons.  I procrastinated a bit, got busy, forgot and I am just now getting to it.

  1. My daughter’s smile.
  2. Hiking.
  3. My dog giving me what we call “the fan girl experience” every time I enter the room. Seriously, this must be what the Beatles felt like. She gets on two legs, reaches for me and screams.
  4. Palm trees.
  5. Mountains.
  6. Sunsets.
  7. Sunrises.
  8. The feeling of accomplishment.
  9. Lake Tahoe. (probably my favorite grounding place)
  10. Tea. Iced or hot. It doesn’t matter.
  11. Veggie juice. I know most people think it is a penalty of some sort, but I love it!
  12. Carmel anything.
  13. That feeling in early Spring when it is just stating to get warm and your car is nice and toasty.
  14. Passion fruit.
  15. Beaches.
  16. The sound of the ocean.
  17. The smell of salt air.
  18. The smell of mountain pines.
  19. A hug from someone you love.
  20. Long walks.
  21. The connectivity social media gives me to those I don’t see often or maybe those I have never met in person.
  22. The ability to turn off the connectivity of social media because sometimes you need to do just that.
  23. Patio dining.
  24. Learning new things.
  25. Music. Most any music.
  26. Helping others.
  27. Sleeping in.
  28. Friends.
  29. Family.
  30. Travel. I love seeing new places.
  31. Shopping.
  32. Freedom. Sounds cheesy I know, but where would we be without it?
  33. Memories.
  34. Netflix.
  35. People who help others.
  36. Thunderstorms. I grew up in Kansas and there is nothing like listening to nature’s music.
  37. Snow.
  38. Snow lining adobe walls. It was one of my favorite sites in Santa Fe.
  39. Hot Air Balloons. They are so beautiful and peaceful.
  40. Pumpkin anything.
  41. Pumpkin deserves at least two places here.
  42. The smell of fresh lavender.
  43. The smell of fresh rosemary.
  44. Flowers.
  45. Butterflies.
  46. Hummingbirds.
  47. Cuddly puppies.
  48. Collaborating on projects with brilliant people!
  49. Opportunities you never dreamed of.
  50. Documentaries.
  51. Grabbing the laptop and heading outside to work on a beautiful day.
  52. Snuggling under a blanket on a chilly night to read a book or watch a show.
  53. Road games.
  54. Solving road game arguments with Google.
  55. The ability to find the answer to virtually anything on the internet.
  56. Connecting people together that can help each other.
  57. Seeing an old friend.
  58. Meeting a new friend.
  59. Puppy kisses.
  60. Hoodies. Someone was a comfort genius!
  61. Skyping with a long distance friend.
  62. The feeling of sand under your toes.
  63. Clouds. They are always different and always beautiful.
  64. The silver lining the sun makes with clouds. I take a picture every time I see it.
  65. Dolphins. They are always seem to be having a great time!
  66. The peaceful sound of fountains.
  67. Starry nights.
  68. Northern Lights. Whether you see them or see pictures someone else took they are always amazing.
  69. Taking pictures to remember a day.
  70. The Grand Canyon.  It is beautiful. If you have never been, you need to schedule a trip now!
  71. A big glass of ice water with lemon after a long hike.
  72. The feeling of helping someone and expecting nothing in return.
  73. Because if you don’t want to do something there is a task website out there so you can hire someone to do it for you!
  74. Massages.
  75. A hot bath.
  76. Good wine.
  77. Good vodka.
  78. Frozen yogurt.
  79. Seeing a bald eagle. It doesn’t matter how many times you have witnessed one in the wild. It is always amazing.
  80. Seeing an elk. It took a lot of mountain living and hiking before I finally saw one and I may have caused permanent hearing damage to those in the car with me, but it was so beautiful.
  81. Red Rock Canyon. It is a great nature conservatory just 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. It is always easy to get away and the colors are amazing.
  82. Big snowflakes that float down like you are in a snow globe.
  83. Wood fires on a cold night.
  84. Showing someone anything for the first time.
  85. My dogs break timers.  They insist I take breaks throughout the day.
  86. Sunbeams.
  87. A fun night of “wait search for ____ on YouTube” with friends.
  88. Blueberries.
  89. Aspen groves in the fall when the leaves change and the color is so vibrant it makes you squint.
  90. A toddler’s excitement when he/she sees something the first time.
  91. An unexpected letter (yes letter) from a friend.
  92. The feeling when someone says thank you.
  93. The great books you find because someone posted about it on social media.
  94. Fresh pineapple.
  95. Seeing a robin after a long winter and knowing it is the first sign of Spring.
  96. Noticing the leaves start to turn after a long hot summer.
  97. Christmas carols after Thanksgiving (not before).
  98. Time with friends.
  99. Time with your spouse/significant other.
  100. Time. Once it is lost you cannot get it back.