Soul Models Through the Years #TBT

The Soul Models featured in our book have been showing others their compassion for years and in some cases decades.  In honor of Throwback Thursday, I am sharing some of their older stories that you may not find on your own.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind is featured in Soul Models through the work of Eli Manning. You have likely heard the recent story of their dog after he saved his owner from the subway tracks in New York.

Project Magic makes traditional therapy a lot more fun and helps those with physical disabilities regain confidence as they learn magic that wows their friends and families. (You can read more about Project Magic in David Copperfield’s Soul Model story)

Soul Model Marcus Mitchell (@GuyNSinCity) has been paying it forward since 2009 with random acts of kindness in Las Vegas, Nevada and online.  Using casino winnings he honors his late wife by making random strangers days a little brighter.  If you follow his work, he is guaranteed to make you smile too!