Acquaintance with Spain – Roses Empuriabrava

What are you looking for? What do you want to see around you when you are on vacation or have chosen a place where you will live for a certain period of time every year? If, answering these questions, you imagine a place where most of the year the warm sun shines, green landscapes are decorated with ancient architecture, and the sea reaches almost the door of your home, then Roses Empuriabrava is the perfect place for you. This is an amazing place on the southern border of Spain and France, often called Spanish Venice. 

Does Venice mean a lot of water? Yes, it is. The Empuriabrava has the longest canal network in the world. By this parameter, a small Spanish settlement bypassed the world-famous Italian resort with which it is compared. 35 artificial canals, created on the basis of natural water bodies, permeate the whole town: here do not walk on the streets, and swim by boats, catamarans and other water vehicles. Their total length is 37 km. The sea of aesthetic splendour pleasing the eye: the banks of canals “frame” neat houses, buried in the green, and on the water surface of this white-green tandem is reflected by fantastic pictures. Here you can endlessly enjoy the beauty of what you can see.

The romantic scenery of the Empuriabrava is complemented by impressive archaeological sites in the neighbouring town of Roses. An entire complex of buildings has been preserved here since ancient Greek rule and today the Museum of the Rose Citadel is open. Everything here is as you might imagine for lovers of ancient architecture in the sweetest dreams. If you are looking for romantic places in Spain, you can also buy a home mallorca. There are plenty of beautiful places on this island.

Roses and Empuriabrava are a perfect match

Although these two settlements are essentially separate cities, they are often referred to together. The Costa Brava coastline, which divides them by 2 kilometres, is in fact a short distance. Therefore, buying a home and one of these towns, or coming here on vacation, everyone is free to visit both these beautiful places. Both there and there you can see man-made beauty, confirming the infinity of human genius. In addition to the most famous attractions – the ancient fortress in Roses and the network of canals in Empuriabrava, complement each other, they have something to offer even the most sophisticated connoisseurs of beauty.

The beaches. There are officially 2 beaches in Empuriabrava itself, both urban and wild. The second is a paradise for windsurfers and the first is for everyone else. Roses has 7 beaches, as clean as the charming “neighbour” and also marked with the blue flag. Rest with children, including water park, active entertainment – kite and windsurfing, rafting, diving, banana riding, catamarans, scooters, tennis, football and golf – there are all known activities.

Infrastructure. Cafes, including outdoor restaurants, bars, nightclubs, discos are enough here. As well as shops, souvenir shops and boutiques, where you can find everything that can come to mind. There is also an authentic fish market in Roses, where you can buy fresh fish and seafood directly from the fishing boat. For those who are not only interested in tourism, the great news will be the availability of an ambulance, a hospital in nearby Figueres in 14 km, large supermarkets and other necessary infrastructure for permanent life.

The length of the season in Roses-Empuriabrava

Rosses and Empuriabrava are located on the Costa Brava in Catalonia. It is one of the most promising places to relax at any time of year. The beach season lasts from May to October, and winters are snowless and mild. The mountain ranges of the Pyrenees and the nature reserves around them protect the city from strong winds.