How to communicate with women

If you want to be an ideal conversation partner and use dating in San Francisco correctly, you should follow certain rules.

The rules for communicating with a woman

  • You are wrong. You are wrong if you think you can convince a woman with logic, reasoning, she can only be persuaded, and only using image, feelings, beautiful words. Learn to do this.
  • Romance has to be learned, learned and learned, because men are stubborn, rough, straightforward, preoccupied creatures. And only romantic experiences in the brains of women can present these hairy animals as courageous heroes of beautiful love adventures. Each of them simply has to make a list of romantic words and actions. For motivation, use the rule: you are not sorry, it is pleasant for her.
  • Women are different. That is why what one will consider romantic, the other will not consider it. Everything depends on a set of those fairy tales about love and relationships, which the ladies have learned since childhood. It is important to understand what will be romantic for this girl, and act in accordance with her ideas.
  • They are all the same. In all their diversity, all women are the same. For example, cats have different suits, different moods, characters, but they are still cats: they have a mustache, a tail, four paws on which they walk. From this point of view, it’s easier to be romantic, cats fall on mice, women – on words of love, showing and emphasizing the advantages and superiority over other ladies. General meta: you are the only one and favorite, others are no longer. Add colorful adjectives, it will turn out romantic, for almost all women. If you are looking for Nashville singles, this rule makes sense.
  • As long as you talk and do nothing. Words must accompany actions. And the actions must also be romantic, showing that this is only for her, because she is the most (add the right adjective). A standard set of actions not to stop at, but to start with. Restaurant, candles, slow music, a walk under the moon (holding hands, not chest as you like), with words, words, words.
  • Rejoice. What she admires. It can be snotty children in the sandbox, or a flower in a flower bed, some hairy fruit in a store window, a sob film with a cried protagonist and a villain lover. All this is her romantic experiences, support, talk about it, develop the plot, but do not twist your face, be honest, because, I remind you, you are not sorry, and she is pleased.
  • Listen. Romantic and other delirium is called in girls feelings and experiences, which must be told about. If she sits at home in sorrow, it means that there is just no phone at hand. You should listen to her, nod your head, admire her and exclaim emotionally: how great, great, fantastic! Even if it will be a sensational story about buying a new skirt.
  • Little pleasant accidents. Small spontaneous gifts are perceived as romantic, just from the bottom of your heart! For example: you were walking down the street and saw on the counter a hairy monster filled with sawdust, in its interpretation of “a cute, fluffy bear”, buy it and give it to you right away. She will sleep with it or put it in a prominent place and will remember your romantic gift with emotion.
  • Change. There should not be constantly the same romantic acts and words, from repetition they cease to be so. Variety is the key to romanticism. If completely new ideas do not come, use the principle: the same, but in a different environment. If you read poems in a park, read them on the roof of a skyscraper – romantic.
  • Touch it. Gentle touch, “hugging” can be very romantic. Remember the rule: if it is not touched by your words, you should not touch your hands. The sequence is exactly this.