Modern ways of dating for people of a non-traditional orientation

If you are a man or woman of a non-traditional orientation and you do not have a couple, then special services will help you find her, which, in fact, we will tell you about in this topic and help you find the answer to such a question as how and where to get acquainted with a gay lesbian.

How to meet a gay

Online dating sites

If you want to find for example single korean men of non-traditional orientation, then the easiest way is to use an Internet site. So many dating sites have the ability to establish sexuality in their profiles. It is also possible to search for a couple using the same profile settings, for this you simply type in the search that you are a guy looking for a gay guy and indicate his age, the site will filter out all the guys of the traditional orientation and show you profiles of gay guys. This way of getting to know national minorities is very convenient, since you already know for sure that the guy you write “hello” to has the same orientation as you, which greatly simplifies getting into your acquaintances.

Gay clubs and parties

Yes, you can get acquainted with gay people not only at online dating, but also at special parties organized in gay clubs. Such parties and discos differ from ordinary ones only in that people with only non-traditional sexual orientation go there, so you will be sure that no matter what guy you go to in such a club, he will be gay, well, or bi. There are also various places where you can meet a guy with a gay guy, for example, there are clubs that arrange evening swing in saunas and safe houses among people of non-traditional orientation, but it is unlikely that such acquaintances will bring you the opportunity to meet a gay for a long and close relationship rather, they will only help you find a guy to get laid. In general, meeting a guy with a guy is no different from meeting a guy and a girl, well, except that guys in essence understand each other much easier than a woman and a man, so meeting a gay person is much easier than with a girl, but given that such guys are a minority, then getting acquainted because of the small number of objects can be difficult.

In life

It is very difficult to get to know a gay guy in a usual situation where you absolutely do not know and cannot be sure of the orientation of your chosen one, because with the slightest hint of rapprochement, a guy with a normal orientation will find out about your preferences and will most likely send you far and long , or will bypass you. So this is not the best option if men seeking men.

Where and how to meet a lesbian


If you want to get acquainted with a girl of non-traditional orientation, then you should visit special and sometimes closed clubs where gays, lesbians and bi gather. Such clubs can be found on the Internet, just type in the search engine: “gay club” and you will be given a search result with hundreds of different clubs of this orientation. The beauty of meeting a lesbian in such a club is that you will be sure, almost 99%, that the girl you liked and with whom you started talking has the same orientation as you, which increases your chances of success.

Dating sites

This is perhaps the best way to get acquainted with a lesbian, as many dating sites provide a service such as searching for profiles of the same orientation as you. For example, in your profile you can indicate your orientation, which will allow other girls to search for you using a special filter, you can also type in a search for dating profiles that you want to get acquainted with a lesbian, and the search will independently sort and give you profiles of girls who indicated in his profile his affiliation with orientation.

Swing in the evening

You can try to get acquainted with a lesbian at special swing evenings, but as a rule, such meetings are confidential and are held exclusively in safe houses and in strict secrecy in baths and saunas.